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Through years of experience as a Toastmaster and authoring www.creativewriting-prompts.com I've pieced together a meaningful database.

Experience teaches that the right words at just the right moment adds spice to something mediocre and makes it special.

I introduced a daily habit a few years back of sharing an inspirational story or some practical wisdom with my daughters each day, expecting to hear them comment "Mom, not another one!" yet the daily BBM, text message or email inspiration still delights.

The right message at precisely the right time has a way of working magic. Lovers unite, athletes are inspired into action, public speakers spice up their talks, writer's find the words and teenagers giggle.

Browse through our carefully selected resource to find just the right one for you.

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Thought of the day

"He who never quotes is never quoted."

Frank S Mead.

An indispensable, easy to use resource.

A treasury of spiritual insights and practical wisdom. Material has been collected from different sources by Debbie Langley and arranged into different subject categories, making it easy to find the right words quickly. The selection often brings laughs, is sometimes controversial but is always thought provoking. This resource will add new dimension to your writing, speaking and personal reflection.

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