More Free Birthday Sayings

Choose from our selection of free birthday sayings to jazz up an ordinary birthday wish and make it something special. Pick one and use as is or combine a few with your personal words. It will be a guaranteed birthday masterpiece.

A Birthday Wish.

May you have a happy birthday filled with moments to enjoy and remember.

Wishing you much happiness today and all year through.

May that happy birthday feeling last all year long.

Happy Birthday!  Make a special memory today.

 Here a joy, there a joy, everywhere another joy!

Wishing you one good thing after another.

Happy Birthday!

Today if it makes you smile  go for it! Happy Birthday!

On Your Birthday Sending special thoughts And warmest wishes, too.

Happy Birthday!

Celebrating your joyful spirit and the happiness you inspire.

Happy Birthday!

On your birthday, one thought, one hope, one wish from the heart.

May happiness bloom all around you.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to a truly gifted person!

Happy moments. Happy wishes.

Happiness to make your heart take flight.

Happy Birthday!

Celebrate may your birthday shine bright with joy and delight.

Happy Birthday!

May the pleasures in life that you hold dear

grow even better with each passing year.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday You make the world a brighter, happier place!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Celebrate Your Birthday Celebrate life and all its wonderful possibilities.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Hope your celebration is some kind of wonderful!

Happy Birthday! Close your eyes and make a wish for special dreams to come true.

May your birthday be the first of many beautiful and happy days in the year ahead.

Happy Birthday!  If an occasion can be as special as the person it celebrates... then your birthday is sure to be amazing.

Enjoy every minute. Happy birthday!

On Your Birthday Let your imagination lead the way to a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday!

Birthdays come wrapped in expectations. May every moment of your day unfold to reveal joy. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!  Wishing you waves of joy from beginning to end.

Enjoy Your Birthday Savor the pleasures and let the littlest thing carry you away. Happy Birthday!

Happiness  is a state of mind, a condition of the heart, a way of being. May happiness color your day. Happy Birthday!

Any way you slice it - make it a great day!