60th Birthday Sayings and Poems

Browse through the collection of 60th birthday sayings and poems below to find just the right words to help you make your birthday message memorable for years to come. These 60th birthday sayings have been collected from different sources and are all worth reading. Use one of them as is or personalise it to make it uniquely yours. Whatever you choose these sayings will add meaning to you next birthday wish.

Happy 60th!!

The thought of turning "60"
Would have me feeling blue.
So whether you feel young or old,
Is really up to you......
Life at sixty may be grim--
Gaining weight-No longer slim...
Fading eyesight, hearing loss;
Teeth are gone-no need to floss!
Muscles ache & knuckles swell,
When asked your age, you never tell.
It's obvious you're getting old,
No circulation, Hands are cold.
Forgetfulness is setting in,
Can't remember where you've been!

You're in a daze, you sit & stare,
And day by day you loose more hair...
Skin is wrinkled, some is saggin',
Can't move fast, your tale's a draggin'!
Droopy eyelids, cataracts,
Not being mean, just stating facts!
Some things just go with getting old--
Not MY experience...just what I'm told!
So keep the double chin held high,
You'll live much longer if you try.
You'll see "100" without a doubt...
Just keep breathing in & out!!!!!

                                                                                -Jill Neugebauer

Reaching Sixty Years Of Age

When we were young and happy, we had a lot of fun,
Days seem to last forever as we played out in the sun,
We never thought of growing old or having aches and pains,
But in a blink the years have flown, and the sun has turned to rain.

Now that you are sixty you will start to feel the strain,
Your bones will start to creak, and you'll need a zimmer frame,
Your teeth begin to fall out and you will find it hard to eat,
You'll have to wear your dentures and forget about the meat.

At night you will be up and down going for a pee,
And your eyesight will start failing until you cannot see,
Your hair will start receeding and the wrinkles they come too,
And you will have to take "exlax" to go to the loo.

Now I don't want to depress you, because todays a special day,
So listen very carefully and follow what I say,
You must give up all the night life and cut out all the booze,
Get up nice and early and later have a snooze.

Take it nice and easy and be in bed by eight,
Make sure you have some exercise and don't put on more weight,
Never get excited or make your heart run fast,
And s..x should be forgotten or next time could be your last.

So remember, be good, stay healthy and lean,
And you will live to get a telegram from the Queen,
This poem is just a bit of fun,
You will probably live to one hundred and one.

                                                                                     -By Estelle De Banks

Priceless Antique

Her birthday adds to the mystique,
Of how she maintains her physique.
That cute little girl grew into a pearl,
And now she's a priceless antique.
                                                   -By Bill French

If I may be so bold
Only 40 years to go
Before you're a century old

   - Jon Bratton 

Yes, you're very very old
But try to think of it as not being cursed
After all, in a hostage situation
You'd be released first.

  - Jon Bratton

Wishing you a Happy 60th Birthday!

60 Sixty never looked so good.

Wishing you the best birthday and the most incredible decade of your life.

Happy 60th Birthday!

60 A special person and a milestone birthday.

Two wonderful reasons to celebrate the day!

Happy Birthday!

60 Looks really good on you.

Happy Birthday!

Expressing yourself honestly and forthrightly,

Is a good thing that you've learnt.

On the negative side, you're sagging and wrinkling,

In places you wish you weren't.


Happy 60th Birthday!

You're like a good bottle of red wine.

The more you age ....the more valuable you become.

Happy 60th birthday!

May your 60th Birthday be as magnificent as you are.

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